Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Day 1 - ILM to Alabama

So, Day 1 - ILM to 'Bama - home of Jeff "Jug-ears" Sessions and racism. Was that too harsh?

So, we have emoji mascots - Good poop and Bad poop, because you know, shit happens, even on summer vacation. We're hoping for only good shit.

So far the drive has been Good poop - stopped at a decent rest area in South Carolina on Rt. 20 and had a picnic. Angus is a good traveler - slept in the backseat and didn't try to drive at all (unlike Mosie, my granddog, who thinks she can sit on your lap while driving). Walked around near the picnic table while we were eating and didn't bark at all. Drive was easy even heading through Atlanta during rush hour.  We even gained an hour crossing into Alabama - woo hoo - we're in a time machine! Look out Tardis. We'll call ours the Dadis, or the Chuck Wagon. It is his vehicle, after all.

Bad poop moment - the hotel. Room a little stinky until I doused a tissue with lemongrass essential oil and shoved it in the air conditioner and put a few drops in a few plastic cups around the room. Voila! Good poop! When life gives you poop, use lemongrass essential oil.

Bad poop moment - Mom not thrilled about the bed size. I don't blame her - sometimes I feel this way because sleeping in a queen bed with a husband and a 40lb+ dog can get hairy. And this room has two full size beds. I would not want to sleep in full size bed with Mark and Mosie. Angus will sleep with me tonight - so much for a bed to myself. Can't change this one because we have a room with a dog (sadly, not a room with a view).  But, a little food (and beer) in us, some jazz on Spotify, and the mood lifted - Voila! Good poop strikes again! Good always triumphs over evil. Take that bad poop!

Just a drive-by in 'Bama - not that I want to linger long in the land of Sessions. Tomorrow we roll into Russellville to pick up Cass and stay the night. Good poop! It's always pleasant to end the night with a good poop!

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