Sunday, July 9, 2017

Day 3 - Russellville, AR to Amarillo, TX

Today's lesson for the Road Trip 2017 is patience.

This is something I lack. This is something I am trying to work on. However, when it's hot, or I'm in a hurry and just want to get somewhere, or I'm hungry, I have a difficult time being patient. At 7 AM, I am all three.

Patience while my dad is tying the straps on the car carrier. Me - knot them and go - 5 minutes tops. Really? What's the worst thing that could happen? It's only full of clothes. Oh, my underwear could be scattered across the interstate while semis run it over. Him - make sure the straps are not twisted. Make sure they are tight. Make sure they are wrapped around the straps of the soft top carrier so they don't flap when we're driving. Use duct tape to tape together any loose ends - 20 minutes+. Patience.

Patience while we are trying to create a spot for the dog in the very back of the SUV. Patience while my mom is undoing everything I've done or telling me where I should put stuff. Patience.

Patience while traveling with a pet. Planning when traveling with a pet, like what restaurants are pet friendly, what attractions are pet friendly, not just what hotels are pet friendly. My parents don't want to leave him in the hotel room alone. So someone has to stay behind. We can't go out to dinner unless we find a place with a patio so he can sit outside, but it's 98 degrees out and who wants to sit outside? Patience.

Patience - lunch outside at Lake Overholser, a state park in Oklahoma outside of Oklahoma City - beautiful view of the lake.

Patience - stopping at a rest stop in Texas because it looked interesting. Shady areas that were like tepees and this view of the landscape:

The footprints of various animals in the concrete, a visitors center full of information about the area. Just being grateful that I have the opportunity to be on this trip.
Patience - and you're rewarded with these gorgeous views!

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