Sunday, July 2, 2017

Road Trip - 2

So, back in 2001 I took a road trip across the country with Kelsie, my mom, and brother, Zac. I went to see my sister, Cass, who lived in Flagstaff, AZ at the time and, all said and done, drove 10,000+ miles out west and up through Canada before returning home. It was a fun, interesting, stressful trip because traveling can be tough, especially when you're on road for a month, it was one of the hottest years on record (101 in St. Louis when we were there), and, let's face it - you're with your family. Even though I love my family 24/7/30 is a lot of family time. A. Lot. In a Jeep. 

Sixteen years later - road trip #2 with Mom. Cass is going as well as Dad, who only met us in Jackson Hole, WY the first time. Oh, we're also bringing Angus, their dog. What's going to happen on this trip? We're all older, maybe wiser, and definitely have to stop for more bathroom breaks. My sister has only spent holidays with my parents since she moved to California, then Arizona, and now Arkansas 20+ years ago. We've never traveled with a dog for that amount of time. We've also never been to Colorado, Northern California, Idaho, Kansas, Oregon, Louisiana, Alabama. Check, check, check off the map.

Stay tuned for the adventure. Road Trip 2017 begins 7/5/2017.